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Traditional Rugs

The Biggest Variety of Traditional Rugs Online

Our traditional rugs combine the classic designs of antique rugs with modern colour palettes and easy-care materials. You can complement almost any colour scheme with our huge range of unique and distinctive traditional rugs.

Choose from timeless Persian rugs, contemporary interpretations of oriental rugs, on-trend rugs with tonal fading and a distressed flair, magnificent Afghan Rugs and colourful bohemian designs. We also stock a selection of iconic geometric prints, floral prints, stripes and patchwork printed rugs.
Traditional, Vintage Rugs
While our traditional rugs may look like true vintage collector rugs, they are all durable, easy to clean, and most importantly affordable! We offer our customers the ultimate range of choice with different sizes and fabrics including polypropylene fibre and cotton blends, polypropylene power-loomed pile, polyester chenille and cotton. Enjoy the best of both worlds with a low maintenance traditional rug that complements your home decor.

Traditional rug decor: why choose a traditional rug for your interiors?

The refined artistry of traditional rugs is inspired by classic Oriental craftsmanship, for the high quality and the mesmerising level of detailing and intricacies. Traditional rugs are a classic and timeless piece of decor. When decorating your home or office with the unquestionable beauty of Rug Express’ traditional rugs, you are setting the energy of the room to reflect history, nature, and a luxurious, exotic vibe. The evocative flair of our traditional rug’s patterns will enhance rooms based on classic interior design principles, while complimenting, with a delightful contrast, the contemporary style of homeware.

Our Rug Collections

Our Rug Express collection of traditional rugs includes classics such as our hand-knotted, beautiful Persian rugs, with their unique, sophisticated patterns. We also have majestic Afghans, sophisticated Bohemian rugs with rich, expressive textures as well a contemporary interpretation of tribal patterns that will bring a tasteful touch of antique and elegance to your environment.

A fine weave rug is an investment that will immediately improve the look of your rooms, offering endless possibilities for traditional interior design. You can use a traditional rug, such as a Persian, to draw attention to showpiece furniture and to create a cozy area for conversation - which is particularly important for office spaces. Another benefit is that traditional rugs are perfect to tie the room together: because of their unique appearance; they will stand out in the room, unifying different colour schemes or housewares and making the environment look refined and well dressed. Adding a classic rug to your home or office will elevate your interior, and convey a sense of sophistication, making the environment look more expensive. And thanks to Rug Express you can add value to your interiors at very affordable prices!
Traditional rug pairing: what are the best rooms and furniture for traditional rugs?

Traditional rugs are finely woven rugs with ornamental patterns showing impressive levels of detail. Because of that, they match particularly well with complementary furniture that feature relief carvings, complex floral fabrics, cabriole legs and warm wood colours but also by contrast, with neutral, contemporary furniture for a mid-century look. Traditional and oriental rugs are very eclectic in interior design and very easy to pair. Even in a monochromatic, minimalistic space, adding a Persian will add a point of interest and a chic vibe.


Traditional and Oriental rugs are also versatile in regard to positioning: they are originally made to enhance an area of gathering, creating a sense of importance and cosiness, and therefore their natural environment is the living room. However, we find traditional carpet to bring a strong impact in large bathrooms, to indicate a pathway or a point of interest, such as a nice bathtub. Furthermore, they make excellent hallway runners, setting a warm, welcoming tone to corridors and entrances (which is also great for offices). There is lots of room for experimentation, but the element of certainty is that your traditional rug will bring warmth and sophistication to any room.

Quality-Made Traditional Rugs

If you are browsing rugs online, you might notice that rugs come in a variety of materials, from polypropylene fibre and cotton blends, to polypropylene power-loomed pile, polyester chenille and cotton. The choice of material used to make rugs can dramatically affect their use-case and maintenance needs. For instance, rugs made from cotton blend can offer a classic look but require more frequent cleaning as compared to rugs made from synthetic materials such as polypropylene. Whereas rugs made from synthetic materials may be more popular for traditional rugs due to their low upkeep needs, handmade wool rugs may be best for more high-traffic areas because these are highly durable. In terms of overall feel, dense pile rugs offer a luxurious vibe, while plush rugs provide an ultra-soft touch to the feet. Therefore, weigh your options carefully and choose rugs based on your purpose and desired aesthetic appeal.

Traditional Rugs With Free Shipping Australia Wide

Free Shipping to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and almost everywhere in-between.

Enjoy free shipping Australia wide when you buy a traditional rug online from Rugs Express. If you’re not sure about sizing, we’ve put together a helpful measuring guide for different rooms along with some of our other FAQs. However, if you do choose the wrong size or you aren't 100% happy with any other aspect of your new rug, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee so you can shop with confidence.

Rugs Express makes buying a rug online hassle-free. Our 14-day money-back guarantee allows you to shop with confidence knowing that you can return your rug if you are not completely happy with it for any reason at all - no questions asked! We also offer free shipping to almost any address in Australia with one of our trusted courier partners.

Some remote locations may incur a slight charge, but we will always contact you first.

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You can buy our rugs online with Afterpay and Zip Money, so you can shop now and pay later. With a wide variety of rugs to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect one for your home.

Got a question? Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team or check our FAQS. We are more than happy to answer any questions about our rugs or provide you with free rug styling advice.

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