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Whether your style is contemporary, traditional or formal, we’re confident you’ll find an outdoor rug to suit your decor in our extensive collection. Choose from geometric designs, chevrons, tribal patterns, floral outdoor rugs, triangles, stripes and trellis patterns.

Outdoor Rugs In Australia: Perfect For Outdoor Living

We are blessed in this country to have beautiful weather that makes outdoor living an appealing idea. However, this means that anything that goes outside needs to be able to handle strong sun, rain and even hail. That’s why our outdoor rugs have been designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Our collection includes UV stabilised rugs, mould & stain-resistant rugs, and fade-resistant rugs. Some of our outdoor rugs can even be hosed off and left in the sun to dry!

Adding a rug to your patio, verandah or outdoor living space can transform the look and feel of your outdoor space. By matching your rug to your furniture, it can blend in while still creating a comfortable feel that will keep you wanting to be outside. 

Why buy an outdoor rug?

The outdoor rug is a great way to add colour, texture and style to your home. Not only does it provide comfort with its soft touch, but also can help muffle noise. The best part about these rugs? They're made from durable materials, perfect for protecting floors against heavy traffic or furniture scuff marks - all while looking fabulous in any setting imaginable.

With our wide range of bright colours and patterns, outdoor rugs make for great additions to any covered entertaining area. They also come in handy when you want an extra rug at your beach house or picnic site, so that all the family can gather on it together! 

Rug Express Outdoor Rugs are made with durable materials, and they are highly resilient pieces that also make for great kids' rugs, offering a soft and low-maintenance soft playing surface. Whether your style is contemporary, traditional or formal, we’re confident you’ll find an outdoor rug to suit your decor in our extensive collection. Choose from geometric designs, chevrons, tribal patterns, floral outdoor rugs, triangles, stripes and trellis patterns.

What Makes a Rug Suitable for Outdoors?

Rugs that live outdoors need to be suitable for that environment, especially in the Australian climate. Our outdoor rugs are UV stabilised, meaning they won’t fade in the tough Aussie sun. They are also made of durable materials like polypropylene, which can handle tough weather while still looking fantastic.

These materials are stain-resistant and can handle a good hosing off and a dry in the sun, keeping it looking good for years to come. They are so extremely durable and hard-wearing, so they can handle high-traffic areas while still looking great. 

Caring for an Outdoor Rug

It's important to maintain and care for an outdoor rug correctly so it will last season after season - withstanding sunshine, heat, rain, and other elements. Rugs should be vacuumed to remove dirt and dust, rinsed off periodically with a garden hose to prevent mildew buildup and even moss growth, and kept clean of debris such as dead leaves. Brush or shake rugs regularly to reset the fibres for a more vibrant appearance - then sprinkle some water on them for added lustre. In case of stubborn stains, use a specialised cleaning agent or foaming garden cleaner.

Outdoor Living Is Australia’s Way To Go: Get An Outdoor Rug To Suit Your Lifestyle!

Outdoor rugs are the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Whether you're hosting a family BBQ or just want something for your patio, these carpets and outdoor rugs can help create that Australian feel we all know and love! 

Alfresco dining is one of those classic Aussie habits - so why not invest in an outdoor rug that makes your outdoor area cozy and inviting for both your family and your guests? The beauty of an outdoor rug is that it can bring so much more to your space than you would have thought possible. With their ability to enhance any design aesthetic you are aiming for and create the perfect amount of warmth, our outdoor rugs are a must-have for anyone who loves to spend time outside with a cool, winter breeze or on a nice summer’s day!

Australia’s Biggest Variety of Outdoor Rugs and Outdoor Mats.

Our outdoor rugs come in a large variety of styles to suit your outdoor living space. A welcoming front door mat can help guests feel welcome and at ease while setting a style for your home. A bold, patterned mat can add colour and liven up your patio, or can be simple and practical for when your outdoor furniture already does the talking. An outdoor rug can protect your decking or outdoor wood flooring, and keep the paint in pristine condition.

If you live near the coast, our floral or water-coloured rugs can add balance to your decor, creating that coastal ocean vibe. Or if you live inland, an outdoor rug can create a comfortable outdoor oasis amongst the rugged Australian Outback. If you have any questions about styling, wear, or have any questions about our rugs, feel free to contact us for our expert advice.

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