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Round Rugs

Give Your Space a Strong Point of Interest With a Beautiful Round Rug

More than just a floor covering, a round rug is often used as a focal point, especially those that feature bright colours or bold designs. Almost like a target for the eyes, a round rug can bring attention to a piece of furniture, or artwork or create a centre for your space. 

A round rug is also ideal for odd-shaped rooms, tight spaces or for making a small space appear bigger. With the correct sizing, a round rug can fit into that space you just aren’t sure what could go there. We also provide a free sizing guide for you to guarantee that your rug fits exactly as you planned it to. Ideally, a round rug should fill the area you place it in, so you will need to measure your space carefully. You can also place furniture on your rug to create zoning.



Use a Round Rug to Make a Statement of Boldness and Distinction.

Round Rugs can be an eye-catching addition to your home decor. Place it under an accent piece to call the eye there. A round rug under your table or couch can create a feeling of being centred in your room, calling attention to it and creating a pleasing asymmetry that really highlights whatever is placed on it. Not only does this look great in your living room, but also fits right at home in a board room or office, wherever you want to call attention to or create a feeling of directed purpose. Because of the unusual rounded shape, it will underscore a new bold or bright pattern, giving a distinctive and artistic look to the room.

The choice of material can add an extra element of design. Round jute rugs are a common choice for people looking to add texture to their homes. With a muted colour choice, a round rug can highlight spaces or decor, or a bold or shaggy round rug can add a feeling of warmth and serenity. No matter the style or feel you want, we have a rug that can suit your needs.

Our round rugs are available in a selection of materials and designs including mosaics, timeless Persian designs and European classics. Depending on your design choice, you can be bold or understated: the choice is yours. 

Quality Made Round Rugs

Our rugs online offer many wonderful options for shoppers to choose from, ranging in style from traditional to modern rugs. Popular rug materials of either polypropylene fibre and cotton blends or polypropylene power-loomed piles. Both rugs feature styles embedded in round rug craftsmanship but come with distinct differences between use-case, maintenance, look and feel. The polypropylene blend is a tightly bound weave that will last years but tends to have a crunchier feeling beneath the feet than other rugs. The polypropylene pile on the other hand is more luxurious, featuring greater amounts of soft fibres and fewer grains of hard polypropylenes. For an even softer feel, our customers could select one of our rugs made from polyester chenille or cotton materials; offering increased cosiness and extra comfort while providing an updated take on the classic style round rugs everyone loves.

How To Style A Round Rug

Tips From Rugs Express: Australia’s Number One Online Rugs Retailer

What's more perfect than a round rug to create a lovely composition with pieces of furniture? One of the natural placement for round rugs is nurseries or study rooms, where they can offer some extra coziness.  However, they are also spot-on if you want to highlight your favourite corner of the house: let’s say, for instance, you have a specific piece of furniture that is particularly interesting, or perhaps simply the armchair you use to snug in with a soft throw and a nice book…those are amazing placement for a round rug! 

Wherever you feel a space is looking too plain, it may benefit from an interior design element that makes that space seem more intimate and personal. A round rug is perfect for this because can soften the area, creating a nice contrast with rectangular rooms and furniture, such as in an industrial modern house or apartment.

Ultimately, round rugs are handy when designing an open floor plan and want to mix and layer different shapes and sizes of carpets. For example, a patterned rug on top of (vice versa) one that's more neutral will create some visually stimulating scenery for those who walk through the door - perfect if you want their curiosity piqued by what they see before them. The most important thing about styling a round rug is to maintain a nice visual balance and not overdo it.

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Shopping for a rug online can be difficult. At Rugs Express, we make it as easy and straightforward a process as possible! Our 14-day money-back guarantee is valid on all purchases and allows you to shop with confidence knowing that, if not satisfied, you can return it easily at no cost whatsoever. We also offer free shipping to almost any address in Australia with one of our trusted courier partners. 

Some remote locations may incur a slight charge but we will always contact you first.

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