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Runners Rugs

Rugs Express Offers Runners That Are Practical And Stylish

Runner rugs are rugs that a longer than wide and are purposefully narrow and long to fit a hallway. A Hallway Runner can immediately elevate the look of your home or office, but they have a very practical function too!

Runners are a great way of guiding people through a space, whether this is your office or your home, by creating a sense of balance and tidiness. Hallway rugs create a nice flow, also bringing a high-end quality to any interior.

Runners are also perfect to structure a space: by adding a runner between your lounge room, dining room or kitchen you can indeed create the impression of a divide in the space, while still enjoying open plan living. However, it doesn’t matter if your space is big or small, a runner is always a fashion statement. Furthermore, runners don’t just have to be for high-traffic areas: add a soft shag or wool runner next to your bed to enjoy a soft underfoot every time you get out of bed. Or place one next to the bath or in the entryway to your bathroom to feel comfortable every time you get out. 

Why Buy A Hallway Runner?

Runner rugs are one of the most important parts of any home or space in general, including offices. From a purely practical perspective, they provide stability and safety for people walking through a space and prevent wear and tear of the flooring. However, Hallway Runners best purpose is still decoration! Especially if you love a more traditional style of interiors, a Hallway Runner is a design must-have piece for your home. If you are looking to add a chic flair to your office, the impact a well-dressed hallway runner will bring is incredible! It will also be beneficial for your business’ image and distinctive addition to your business’s branding.  

Make A Style Statement With A Chic Runner

Hallway runners offer endless opportunities to introduce colours, patterns and geometric designs into your interior space. Wool is one of our client’s favourites and a great material for a Hallway Runner. If you really want to make a fashion statement, a wool Runner is the best way to go: it’s natural,  it’s luxurious, and it’s classic. And therefore forever trendy. But also low maintenance and durable. 

The trend for natural materials is indeed still booming and therefore Hallway Runners made of wool, jute or cotton are a safe and great choice. Furthermore, at Rug Express we offer the biggest variety of colours and patterns for natural fibre runners, allowing you to use a bit of texture to complement a neutral interior design scheme. 

The truth is the choice of style, colours and patterns is endless: Modern designs such as chevron and lattice can enhance the natural direction of beautiful wooden or stone floors. Another popular choice includes regal and cozy Persian Runner Rugs and other tribal patterns. But also antique washes and vintage designs are a great choice for modern interior design and coastal style, with a shabby chic touch! Ultimately, we also offer runners made of machine-knotted heat-set polyester and super-thick heat-set polypropylene as well as runner rugs with non-shedding and stain-resistant properties. So, as you can see, there is an option to meet everybody’s needs.

Quality Made Runners

When shopping for rugs online, it can be difficult to differentiate between the various materials used in runners. Polypropylene fibre and cotton blends are durable, maintain their shape longer, and have a thicker pile. Polypropylene power-looms rugs have a more lightweight feel and tend to be easier to maintain. For those looking for a natural yet soft feel, polyester chenille rugs offer incredible softness that’s crafted with fine-grade yarns. For those seeking a luxurious look and feel, naturally dyed cotton rugs offer bold colours that last over time. By understanding the differences between these materials when shopping rugs online, customers can find the perfect rug to suit their individual preferences.

Durable And Fashionable Runners

Runners are often placed in high traffic areas and need to be up to the task of handling a lot of walking. That's why all of our runners are designed to be durable and withstand high volumes of foot traffic. The material choice for your runner will depend on the look, feel and purpose of the runner you choose, so we have a wide variety for you to pick the perfect one for your home: from wool, machine-knotted heat-set polyester to super-thick heat-set polypropylene. We also offer runner rugs with non-shedding and stain-resistant properties, great for areas with kids, pets or where eating or drinking occurs (for that inevitable spill!). 

Free Shipping On Runners to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Almost Everywhere In-Between.

With our 14-day money-back guarantee, you can shop with confidence. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your rug, you can return it immediately - no questions will be asked! All we want is for our customers to be as enthusiastic as we are about our rugs, so we make sure our customer service policy is impeccable! We also offer free shipping to almost any address in Australia so there can’t be anything holding you back from getting the rug of your dreams.

We know how important this decision is when looking around at different styles as well as prices. So do not hesitate to contact us for any help.

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