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Choosing The Perfect Rug For Winter Warmth

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As winter sets in it's time to adjust your interior styling towards the cosy side. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to transform your home from light and bright to warm and toasty is with a plush shag rug. Soft underfoot, a rug not only feels great to walk on but will add warmth and texture to help you beat the winter chill this season.

Rugs Are Great Insulators

No one likes walking on cold floors in winter! If you have timber or tile floors, adding a rug will not only avoid chilly toes, but will change the mood and feel of the room. You can experiment with textures, colours and patterns and get creative with cushions, throws and blankets to find the cosiest combination. The insulating properties of rugs will also save you money on your electricity bills!

Redecorate To Warm Up Your Living Room

Winter provides the perfect excuse to do some redecorating and reduce your reliance on heating systems. Start by rearranging your furniture to create a more intimate feel for those cold winter nights. If you have glass doors or large glass windows, consider covering them with blinds or drapes to keep the heat inside. Draft stoppers are also a good idea to stop warm air escaping under the gap in the door.

Soft furnishings are the quickest and cheapest way to change the mood of a room. Pair warm colours and heavier materials with your shag rug for visual interest and warmth.

Our Top Shaggy Rugs For Winter

The Comfort Plush Winter Grey Shaggy Rug is the perfect mix of comfort and style. This Rug also comes in a beautiful charcoal shade, black and chocolate to warm up your home this winter.

What better way to instantly make your home feel more snug than with this gorgeous eggplant shag rug? Balance the rich purple with pops of white or cream, or add some green soft furnishings to create a nature-inspired positive energy in the room.

The Ava Moroccan Grey Shag Rug is nothing short of stunning. Featuring a soft, thick pile, your feet will stay warm while the Moroccan inspired design brings a contemporary elegance to your home. 

Check out our full collection of warm winter rugs and keep your home nice and snug this winter. 

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