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Layering Rugs

Layering Rugs

Posted by Rugs Express; Australia's Number One Online Rugs Retailer on 24th Mar 2021

Key Rules For Layering Rugs

Do you love the layered rug look but have no idea where to start? You're not alone! Layering rugs is the perfect way to add colour, texture and warmth to almost any space, but with so many options available, it can be hard to know how to make the layered look work for you.

The layered rug look is a trend that looks like it might be here to stay, so we've thought we'd put together this quick guide to the art of rug layering. Here's what you need to know.

Colour Is the Most Important Element

The first rule of layering is colour selection.

In an article for Martha Stewart's website, Nancy Fire, the designer behind Studio NYC Design, said that colour coordinating is key when it comes to layering rugs.

"You can mix and match patterns if your colors work together-if not, it's going to look like a circus."

For the best results, your colours need to be complementary or tonal. Even if you have one rug with stripes and another with a zigzag pattern, if the colours are complementary or different shades of the same colour, the look will work. 

Different Sizes Work Best

After colour, size is the next most important element to consider.

Always use different size rugs when layering. Layering is a really useful way to utilise smaller rugs that aren't big enough to fill a space. You can overlap multiple small rugs to create one large rug or layer one or more small rugs on top of a big rug.

Play With Shape and Texture

Layered rugs don't have to be the same shape – square or rectangular, for example – or the same texture for the look to work. They should, however, adhere to the colour and size rules discussed above.

Cowhide layered over  jute works really well, as does sheepskin over wool. Play around with different fibres, shapes and thicknesses until you find a look you love.

Layering Isn't Just for Winter

While layered rugs can add warmth to a room and create a cosy atmosphere that is perfect for winter, you can also layer your rugs in summer or at your beach house. Lighter rugs made of natural fibres work best in summer because they are easy to move around, and you can layer even more rugs to introduce colour and create interest.

Have Fun and Experiment

If you're feeling a bit intimidated by all these 'rules,' remember that sometimes, the best way of finding out what works is by finding out what doesn't. In other words, have fun and experiment. Play around with different patterns and textures until you find a look that you are happy with. Some great works of art have been created by accident!

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