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Keep Your Home Warm With A Rug This Winter

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Adding a rug to a room is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add an extra layer of insulation to your home during winter. A rug can make a big difference to the overall temperature of your home, as well as to how cosy it feels (particularly underfoot). Rugs also add an extra element of colour and style, so you can easily switch up the look of your home when the seasons change.

Here are our top tips for choosing the best rug for winter and warming up a chilly home.

Choose the Right Material

The main thing to remember when choosing a winter rug is to avoid anything too thin. We recommend a shaggy rug with a heavyweight pile to keep the winter chill out of a cold home. If you have pets or young children who are prone to spills, a shaggy rug may not be ideal, in which case, flatweave rugs may be more suitable. A thick cotton rug, for example, is much easier to clean, dry and manoeuvre than a heavy wool rug or a thick shag rug.

Another option to consider is a handmade wool rug. Handwoven on traditional looms, these ultra-thick rugs are made from high-quality woollen yarn and are extremely durable.

Think about Size

If you have wooden floors throughout your home, you'll lose a fair amount of precious heat in winter unless you invest in a rug (or multiple rugs!). An area rug is perfect if you want to cover large spaces with the same colour or pattern or you could consider layering rugs for a unique contemporary look. Make sure you measure your floor space carefully before picking out your winter rug. If you do get it wrong: don't worry. Rugs Express has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can return your rug within 14 days of delivery if you aren't happy for any reason whatsoever.

Consider Layering

Layering rugs is a good way to add colour, texture and warmth to your home in winter. Layering plush or shaggy rugs will keep your feet toasty warm and protect against any draughts coming through tiny gaps in your floorboards. Other types of hard flooring such as tile and laminate can also feel extra cold in winter; adding some layered rugs will take the chill off and add a cosy and stylish barrier to your home.

Other Tips for Keeping Your Home Warm 

  • Add cosy accessories (fluffy pillows and plush throws, for example) to give your home an extra snuggle factor.
  • Flannel sheets and an extra blanket on the bed will help[ you stay warm throughout the night without the need for heating.
  • It may seem counterintuitive, but a ceiling fan in winter can help push warm air back down towards you, so you feel warmer. Just make sure you switch the fan to winter mode!
  • Close doors to rooms you don't use. Sounds obvious we know, but it's something that's easily forgotten when the heating gets switched on!

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