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How To Choose A Rug: Our Top Tips

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A rug is like the icing on a cake; it can really make or break a room. Rather than rushing into a purchasing decision, it's worth spending some time considering the look you are going for and what type of rug will work best. The first thing you need to consider is whether you are choosing a rug to work with existing furniture and decor, or whether you want the rug to be the centrepiece of the room and will adjust the room around the rug. Fortunately, choosing the perfect rug for your home is easy with these simple tips.

Size Does Matter

Size matters, but bigger is not always better. You can tell when a rug is too big for a room because it will dominate the space and overwhelm the furniture. Conversely, a rug that is too small will get lost in the room and make it feel unbalanced.


Once you have a shortlist of rugs, use masking tape to mark out the different dimensions so you can get a feel for how each rug will work in the room. Remember, if you are choosing a rug for a dining room make sure it is large enough so that the chairs fit on it when pulled out.

Solid Colour or Pattern?

The best thing about rugs is that they aren't permanent. You can experiment with colours and patterns without investing a huge amount of money. As they sit below the eyeline, it is also safer to choose a bright colour or striking pattern for a rug than for a wall!

Firstly, you need to consider the type of flooring you have. Timber floors or carpet, for example, will suit different types of rugs.

If you have fairly neutral floors and furniture, a bright or patterned rug will create a focal point and create a real statement. If you already have statement pieces (furniture or art) in the room, choose a calming colour (warm neutrals or grey shades for example) that compliment the main furnishings.

Bold patterns are best kept out of the bedroom. Simple patterns or calming colours are best to create a restful environment.

Don't be afraid to embrace colour trends. A rug is easily replaced!

Textures and Layering

The feel of a rug is just as important as the way it looks. A plush wool rug will feel great underfoot and create a cosy, homely feel, particularly in the bedroom.

However, a shag rug or wool rug is not the best choice for warmer climates or holiday homes. Sisal and jute rugs work well in these situations.

Layering rugs is a creative way to add texture and depth to a space. Low profile rugs in neutral colours work best for creating a clean modern look.

Round rugs can also be used to contrast with the blocky shapes of lounges and tables.

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