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Deciding on Wool and Natural Rugs.

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Well we have all thought about which rug suits our place best. It can be very confusing at times and trying to pick a colour sometimes can drive us mad. At Rugs Express we have found a neutral tone can work wonders for a floor space as you can pick up colour with either scatter cushions or maybe a throw rug over the sofa. 

In our Wool and Natural categories we have a larger selection of neutral tones including many scandi and mid century themes that seem to be on point this season. Sometimes we also pick sisal and jute rugs as our feature piece in our living room area as they also tend to make a statement. Jute rugs offer implicit natural beauty to any space in the home or office. Jute rugs are made from a plant fibre and is usually left in it's natural shade. 

An advantage of choosing a wool rug are the health benefits and the long lasting endurance they provide. Wool is a natural material that is non-allergenic and hygienic. Wool has the natural ability to resist soiling and staining which makes it easy to clean. Wool is very durable and will last for many years. Wool rugs are now available in a wide range of patterns and styles as you can see in our Nordic Collection and for those that want to be daring, wool rugs also come in a variety of colours. 

Happy online shopping.

Rugs Express Team

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