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COVID-19 Home Makeover Projects

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With the majority of us housebound (with the exception of essential activities of course!), there's never been a better time to address those areas of your home that could do with a bit of a makeover. Bunnings is still open for all your DIY needs, you can stock up on cleaning products at your local supermarket, and it's business as usual for us online retailers, so you can still get all the home furnishings you need to complete your makeover project.

Now, where to begin?

Declutter the Bathroom and Kitchen

The bathroom and the kitchen are the two areas of the home most likely to be filled with unused gadgets and products. They are also notorious for harboring germs.

Start with the bathroom/s and move up to the kitchen which is likely to be larger and contain more clutter. The same general principles of throwing out and wiping down can be applied to both rooms.

For the bathroom:

  • Clean all surfaces including door handles, shower screens, rubbish bins, soap and toothbrush holders. Throw away anything that has passed the point of being cleaned!
  • Change toothbrushes over.
  • Go through cosmetics, first aid kits and other personal hygiene items. Throw away anything that has expired or isn't being used.
  • If you are struggling with storage space, browse online for bathroom storage solutions.

For the kitchen:

  • Throw out any old or expired food in your fridge/freezer and give it a thorough wipe down.
  • Do the same in your pantry and/or cupboards.
  • Consider giving away or throwing out unused appliances. How many different machines do you really need to toast bread?!
  • Go through your 'junk draw' (we know you have one)! Have a think about what you really need in there. If you decide you want to keep everything in the once place, organise it better with baskets and trays.
  • Take an inventory of your tupperware and drink bottles. Discard any broken pieces and containers or bottles missing lids.

We know it can be hard to overcome the "but what if I need it" thoughts, but decluttering and keeping only what you need can be very therapeutic, especially in times like these.

Makeover Your Home Office

If you've found yourself suddenly working from home, it may have quickly become apparent that your office space (or lack of) is less than ideal. An organised and comfortable workspace is essential to productivity, so it's worth investing some time and money reorganising this room (or area) of your home.

  • File or store paperwork not related to your job.
  • A comfortable chair is essential. Repurpose cushions and pillows if you don't have a proper office chair so your back and neck are supported.
  • Invest in a separate monitor. Your eyes and neck will thank you.
  • Make sure your drawers aren't filled with junk. Throw away anything you don't need and purchaseoffice organisers for the rest.
  • Use cable tidies to keep messy cords in check.

If your home office could do with a pop of colour, a rug is a simple and cost-effective way to brighten up an otherwise dull space. Round rugs are ideal for small spaces which home offices often are.

Make The Living Room More Livable

With all our entertainment taking place within the home, the living room is likely getting a lot more use now than it was a few months ago! If you've been meaning to change the colour of the walls or invest in a new couch, now is the time to get started. Start by removing furniture and belongings from the living room that you don't want there, and then maximise the available space by using an online room planner.

Keep photos, trinkets and other objects to a minimum if you are going for a modern, minimalist look. Soft furnishings are a must for comfort - think blankets, pillows, cushions and baskets.

And of course, no living room is complete without a rug as its centrepiece. Our range of modern rugs are ideal if you are updating the look of your home or shag rugs are popular as we head into the winter months.

Stay safe and get in touch with us if you have any rug-related questions or need some advice. 

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