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Harlow Zig Zag Fawn Rug

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The Harlow Zig Zag Fawn Rug from our exquisite collection is an epitome of comfort and style. Crafted with utmost precision, this rug is a perfect blend of minimalist design and cozy vibes. Made from a luxurious combination of soft polyester and polypropylene fibres, the high-low cut and loop pile of this rug ranges from 8 to 28 mm in height, ensuring a soft and plush feel underfoot.

Designed with a harmonious colour scheme that effortlessly complements versatile geometric motifs, the Harlow rug adds a touch of elegance to any space. The rug is power loomed into a sturdy cotton and jute base, ensuring durability, while the braided fringes give it a charming finishing touch.

Not just a visual delight, the Harlow Zig Zag Fawn Rug is also functional. It boasts shed-resistant and anti-static properties, making it a practical choice for daily use. Additionally, this rug is easy to maintain, allowing you to enjoy its beauty without the hassle of intensive upkeep.

Imported from Turkey, the craftsmanship and quality of the Harlow rug are unmatched, making it a standout piece in any room. Whether you place it in your living room, bedroom, or office, this rug will instantly elevate the ambiance with its charm and sophistication. Experience the ultimate blend of comfort and style with the Harlow Zig Zag Fawn Rug.

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