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Carlie Tribal Charcoal Rug

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Our newest addition to the rug collection is the Carlie Tribal Charcoal Rug, a masterpiece in power loomed design. With a multi-textured pile, this rug boasts an unparalleled level of beauty while ensuring optimal comfort underfoot. The soft and tranquil nature of the Carlie range seamlessly complements all home decor colour schemes, making it a versatile addition to your living space.

Crafted with stunning designs and natural hues, the Carlie Tribal Charcoal Rug is guaranteed to be the standout feature in any room. Its durable construction from polypropylene fibre sets it apart as a non-shedding and anti-static option, designed to withstand the test of time. Embracing both beauty and functionality, this rug is the perfect marriage of style and practicality.

Originating from Turkey, the Carlie Tribal Charcoal Rug embodies a blend of quality craftsmanship and contemporary design. This rug is not just an accessory; it is a statement piece that elevates the aesthetic appeal of any space. Whether placed in a living room, bedroom, or any other area of your home, the Carlie Tribal Charcoal Rug will undoubtedly add warmth, style, and sophistication to your interior decor.

Bring a touch of elegance and comfort into your home with the Carlie Tribal Charcoal Rug, a true work of art that speaks volumes about your impeccable taste and appreciation for quality. Add a layer of luxury to your living space with this exceptional rug that seamlessly combines style, durability, and functionality.

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